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Don't we all love to look and feel confident and beautiful?  

Polish believes that all woman can look beautiful, only with the right product knowledge, tools and techniques.  In the makeup workshops we provide, will will give every woman the opportunity to learn how to be her own makeup artist.  We will share passion and expertise and equip you with makeup knowledge, skills and confidence.  Your workshop will be conducted by our professional makeup artists who are certified by major beauty institutions. 

Our makeup workshop will teach you:

1. quick basic skin cleansing routine

2. Day time and evening foundation techniques

3. countering and highlight techniques

4. Concelaor and corrector

5. Eyeshadow techniques and eyeliner

6. Blusher and lip colours


All these subjects will be based on your skin shade and your features to ultimately make you become your own best makeup artist.

For your workshop cost and timing, pls call 02 4452053